Ballparks are full of history. They each have thier own distinct features, The bricks and ivy in Wrigley, monument park and the mystique of Yankee stadium, the warehouse at Camden, the green monster at Fenway, and more, but when you go to a park its more than to see the game, its to take in the environment. As much as I dislike it, part of going to Turner is listening to the fans do that tommohawk chant. I also enjoy seeing the statues or plaques of players who have contributed to all that history.

Each ballpark also gives you a different perspective of the game. What might be a HR at one park is just a fly ball in another. The site lines, angles and views of a game vary from park to park, even if your sitting in the same general area. Also the in game extras , like the mascot races, or singing the stretch at Wrigley, Sweet Caroline at Fenway, or the 7th inning God Bless America at Yankee stadium.

Another great thing about parks is visiting the local bar near the stadium. Harry Carays and Murphy's in Chicago, Pickles in Baltimore, Hockeytown Cafe in Detroit, Hooters in Anaheim, Rock Bottom Brewery in Denver (and Cinci), Harpoon Brewery in Boston, and Billys sports bar in the Bronx.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Turner Field, 2004-2009


Living in Atlanta, I have been to a lot of games here. Most of the games here have been Cub games, but have been to others as well. I've actually gone to more games at this park than any other.

Above is the Chick-fil-a cow that moves its arm (or is it a leg) up and down during the chant. This picture was from 2009.

Below are the statues at Turner. Warren Spahn,Phil Niekro and Hank Aaron. The last is of Ty Cobb, which is a tribute because Cobb was from Georgia and was known as "the Georgia peach".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shea Stadium, 2001


I was last there on Oct 3 2001 after 911. My tickets were for an earlier date, but of course the season was delayed due to that day. I remember the game because the Mets had been eliminated from playoff contention the day before and had nothing but scrubs playing. They were all wearing the NYPD and NYFD hats. The stadium was old and dated and needed to be replaced. Looking forward to visiting Citi Field. The Mets won 3-0 over the Pirates. I saw the Mets twice at Yankee stadium during subway series games as well.

I really did not like the outside of the stadium. It had the feel of a football stadium from outside. The stadium once your inside and watching the game was pretty good, but it was ugly and old. I think the Homerun Apple was a cool feature at Shea, but alot of other fans dont like it (or make fun of it), especially Yankee fans.

The stadium is out in the middle of nowhere, as much as that is possible in NYC. It is right next to the U.S. Open courts in Flushing Meadows. Not much else out there though.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yankee Stadium, 1999-2008


This was the final season at the old Yankee Stadium (08). The new one was almost finished and I will have to hit it someday. I had been here several times, but my friend Shawn had never been to the old one so this was a must for him.You see him here, he's like a kid in a candy store. He loved watching Mariano get the save against the Rays. Even with my dislike of the team, I enjoy watching them and have a ton of respect for players like Jeter and Rivera.

We got rained out and had to catch the second game of a double header the next day, but went down to the city and had a good time there. Also hit a bar next to yankee stadium, Billys sports bar, it was of course loaded with yankee stuff and was pretty cool. We were gonna hit Philly on the way home, but having to wait until the next day due to the rainout, we had to pass on Philly.

We had nosebleed seats, but thanks to the rain we were able to move up a little closer. We probably could have gotten even closer, but these were pretty good and the fans around us were pretty entertaining as well.

The scoreboard here was very basic, although they knew for many years that the new stadium was coming, so no reason to update it. You can see monument park below in the pic. The all star game was held here earlier in the year since it was the final season of an iconic ballpark.

This last pic was from 1999 when I took my kids to thier first game at Yankee Stadium. They were playing the Tigers that day. Its amazing how much digital cameras have improved since then.
I also went to 2 "subway series" games here. I remember the play that El Duque caught a comeback grounder and couldnt get the ball out of his glove, so he just threw the whole glove to 1st for the out. But I also had a chance to go to a game and passed, of course that was the day that David Cone was perfect. Still shooting myself for that one.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Toronto Skydome, 1998


I was there in 1998 when I made a trip to Toronto. Also had lunch at the Hardrock in the Skydome. The stadium was pretty basic, but the distinction is the closing roof. Since this park opened, newer parks with closing roofs have opened and seem to have more of a baseball feel. The roof was closed when I was there. It was a nice day, but hot, and I guess they just wanted to keep it cool in there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joe Robbie Stadium, 1992


This Stadium has had more names than I can remember, but it was Joe Robbie when I went there to see my Cubbies way back in 1992. The Cubs won 7-2.
Not made for baseball, it was ok. But the new park for the Marlins should be alot better. Future roadtrip?

I do not have any pics from that trip, so I had to take from the internet. I dont know if I even took any when I went, but if I did, who knows where they would be. I do remember we were in the upper deck on the 1st base side. It was a night game though. And even back then, it wasn't that packed. I was living in south FL at that time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wrigley Field, 1986-2008

Wrigley field
This, being a cub fan, is obviously my favorite park. No matter how many times I go, each time is special. The Bricks & Ivy on a summer day, the Scoreboard, the rooftops, and Wrigleyville, these things all make it the best. Of course, you haven't lived until you have sung "take me out to the ballgame" at Wrigley. I dont live in Chicago, so I dont go to a ton of games. I have been there a few times. These pics are from 08.
When I got to the game on wednesday, I was surprised top see Jim Edmonds warming up. It had been rumored, but being on the road, I didnt hear about it. That was a pretty special team (despite the playoff flop) and I got to see them 7 times that year because they played a 3 and 2 game set in Atlanta as well.

The statue of Mr.Cub was not there on my prior trips. I spent a while just checking out the statue. I know alot of his history, but would have loved to see him play live.

This is the Harry Caray statue. It has been criticized for the freaky fan thing at his feet, and after seeing it, I know why. I understand what it is and its wierd, I can imagine what people that dont know about him think.

Went to my first game at Wrigley in July 86'. That day there was a carryover of the prior days game that was postponed due to darkness (pre lights at Wrigley), so I got to see that one wrap up as well as the regular game. There was a certain right fielder for the opposing team (expos) that we would sign as a free agent that off season. Andre Dawson. It was also the rookie year for Jamie Moyer, who was pitching for the cubs that day, who is still pitching in 2010. That was my first game at a big league stadium, although we used to go to alot of spring training games, growing up in south FL. Thats not why I became a CUBS fan, my whole family is from Chicago, but it did help secure my love, and pain and suffering, for years to come.

You think my wife was cold? So much for waiting for the end of May to get a warm day at Wrigley. The night before was nice, even though it rained late in the game. It was about 35 with the wind blowing in from left on this day, which can be chilly if your sitting down the 1st base line. BRRRR!

There are alot of great bars in Wrigleyville, but I chose to go to Harry Caray's. Was not disappointed. I will hit some others on another trip.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wrigley Video

This was from the first game of 2 that I went to in 08'. It was a night game and was just about dusk here. We sat on the third base line for this game. I took this from my seat so I can remember my view. Although, the camera doesn't really give the true perspective. The Cubs were hot and seats were not easy to come by. That was also Soriano bobblehead night, which I got. Pretty cool.

My wife asked me where "that play" happened. She was talking about the Bartman play. We didn't go over to the seat, but I pointed out the general area to her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Game list

This is an ongoing list of games that I have been to. I have all the ticket stubs to these games.

1. Cubs 5            Expos 4              Wrigley                7/2/86 *
2. Cubs 7            Marlins 2            Joe Robbie           6/21/92 *
3. BlueJays 4      Redsox 3             Skydome              9/5/98
4. Yanks 6          Mets 3                Yankee Stad        6/9/99
5. Yanks 6         Tigers 3                YS                       9/24/00
6. Mets 3           Yankees 0            YS                       7/7/01
7. Mets 3           Pirates 0               Shea                     9/17/01
8. Redsox 10     Yankees 3            YS                        7/4/03
9. Cubs 2           Braves 1              Turner                   4/9/04 *
10. Braves 5      Cubs 2                 Turner                   4/10/04 *
11. Braves 5       Astros 4              Turner                   5/8/04
12. Braves 10     Redsox 4             Turner                  7/4/04
13. Nats 4          Braves 3              Turner                  4/12/05
14. Braves 8      O's 1                    Turner                  6/26/05
15. Braves 5      Cubs 1                 Turner                  7/5/05 *
16. Redsox 10   Braves 7              Turner                   6/18/06
17. Braves 2      Cubs 1                 Turner                   9/10/06 *
18. Braves 8      Cubs 6                 Turner                   4/18/07 *
19. Cubs 2         Braves 1              Turner                   6/7/07 *
20. Braves 9      Cubs 5                 Turner                   6/9/07 *
21. Braves 5      Cubs 4                 Turner                   6/10/07 *
22. Rox 10        Padres 4               Coors                    9/7/07
23. Rox 4         Padres 2                Coors                    9/9/07
24. Padres 4     Cubs 3                  Wrigley                  5/13/08 *
25. Cubs 4        Padres 0               Wrigley                  5/15/08 *
26. Braves 8     Mariners 3             Turner                   6/22/08
27. Cubs 10      Braves 2               Turner                    8/13/08 * (make up of 8/12)
28. Cubs 8        Braves 0               Turner                    8/13/08 *
29. O's 6          Indians 3               Camden                 9/11/08
30. Yanks 6      Rays 5                  YS                         9/13/08 (make up of 9/12)
31. Braves 6     Cubs 5                  Turner                    6/2/09 *
32. Cubs 3       Braves 2                Turner                    6/3/09 *
33. Braves 2    Cubs 0                   Turner                    6/22/09 * (make up of 6/4)
34. Braves 16  Cubs 5                   Turner                    4/5/10 *
35. Braves 3    Cubs 2                   Turner                    4/7/10 *
36. Mets 5       Twins 2                  Citi Field                6/25/10
37. Indians 2    Bluejays 1               Progressive            6/28/10
38. Reds 7      Marlins 2                 GA Ballpark          8/13/10
39. Yanks 8    Royals 3                  Kauffman               8/14/10
40. Cubs 9     Cardinals 7               Busch                    8/15/10*
41. Giants 3    Braves 2                  Turner                   NLDS 10
42. Phillies 5   Braves 4                  Turner                   5/13/11
43. Nats 1      Mariners 0               Nats Park              6/23/11
44. Tigers 6    Rangers 5                Comerica Park       8/2/11
45. Brewers 10 Cards 5                Miller Park             8/3/11
46. Yanks 7   WSox 2                   U.S. Cellular          8/4/11
47. Cubs 4     Reds 3                     Wrigley                  8/5/11 *
48. Braves 10 Cubs 4                    Turner                   8/12/11 *
49. Braves 2   Giants 1                   Turner                   8/16/11
50. Dodgers 8 Braves 6                 Turner                    9/2/11
51. Mets 12   Braves 2                  Turner                    9/16/11
52. Angels 2   Dodgers 1                Dodger Stadium    6/13/12
53. Astros 6   Giants 3                    AT&T Park          6/14/12
54. A's 10      Padres 2                  Oakland Coliseum 6/15/12
55. Angels 2   D-backs 0               Angel Stadium       6/16/12
56. Nats 5      Braves 4                  Turner                   6/29/12
57. Braves 10  Cubs 3                    Turner                  7/3/12 *
58. Dodgers 6 Braves 2                  Turner                  8/18/12
59. Braves 4    Marlins 3                 Turner                  9/25/12
60. Braves 5   Cubs 1                     Turner                  4/7/13*
61. Braves 6 Pirates 4                     PNC Park           4/18/13
62. Red Sox 4 Royals 3                  Fenway Park       4/20/13
63. Phillies 7 Cards 3                     Cittizens Bank      4/21/13
64. Braves 3 Nats 2                       Turner                  4/29/13
65. Marlins 3 Tigers 2                    Marlins Park         9/27/13
66. Dodgers 6 Braves 1                 Turner                   NLDS 13
67. Braves 6 Nats 3                       Turner                  4/12/14
68. Rays 16 Yankees 1                  Tropicana Field    4/29/14
69. Braves 2 Cubs 0                      Turner Field          5/10/14*
70. Braves 5 Cubs 2                      Turner Field          5/11/14*
71. Braves 11 Cubs 6                    Wrigley                 7/12/14*
72. Rangers 6 Astros 2                   Minute Maid        8/10/14
73. Rays 7 Rangers 0                     Global Life Stadium 8/11/14
74. Braves 4 A's 3                         Turner Field          8/16/14
75. Dbacks 8 Giants 7                   Chase Field           4/7/15
76. Braves 3 Brewers 2                 Turner Field           5/23/15
77. Cubs 4 Braves 0                      Turner Field           7/18/15*
78. Cubs 4 Braves 1                      Turner Field           7/19/15*
79. Cubs 8 Braves 1                      Turner Field           6/11/16*
* Of the Cubs games I have been to they have a 13-17 record. I have seen the Cubs at 4 different parks- Wrigley, Joe Robbie, Turner, and Busch.